Company Overview:

Founded in 2013, InGenius Prep is one of the fastest-growing education companies in the United States. Our company now has more than 130 full-time employees, 200 counselors, and offices in the United States, Canada, China, and Korea.

Our primary focus is helping students apply to U.S. colleges and graduate schools. What distinguishes us from other companies is that our team includes more than 150 Former Admissions Officers from many of the most selective schools in the country. 


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We operate as a team, and everyone is given opportunities to advance in the organization. If you are looking for a fast-paced, exciting, and rewarding employment opportunity, InGenius Prep is the place for you!

Business Development Associate

  • Business Development Associates will work on establishing new operations, locating and forming corporate partnerships throughout the US, assisting in the planning and execution of marketing campaigns, and assist in the development of our sales workflow. This is a position for someone intrepid, with a strong entrepreneurial bent, and who takes a ton of initiative. If you are looking for an exciting, rewarding employment opportunity, this is the place for you!

Senior Counselor: Graduate Coach

  • We are looking for Chinese Graduate Coaches who will be part of our Senior Counselor team. Chinese Graduate Coaches work directly with students, helping them with extracurricular profiles; and communicate with families closely. The opportunity for growth in this position will be determined by the counselor’s individual strengths and weaknesses.

Academic Progress Manager

  • The Academic Progress Manager position  is for people who have a true passion in education and deep interest  in interacting with, serving for, and educating people with diverse cultural backgrounds.  The Academic Progress Manager will report to the company’s Director of Student Progress Management. The major job duties and responsibilities include the following: