About The Coin Flyp

99% of athletes that compete in college or beyond wont make a career out of sports. At the same time, there is a disproportionate amount of coverage given to the 1%, leaving the majority of athletes that compete at a high level unrepresented in media. What happens after sports concludes? How do athletes take their skills and experiences into various jobs and industries? The majority of athletes are leveraging their experiences to prepare for life outside the game and The Coin Flyp focuses on giving their trajectories a platform to be represented, heard, and learned from.

The Coin Flyp is the first media site for athletes that exclusively highlights life after sports. By combining digital content with athlete driven perspectives, The Coin Flyp helps athletes explore life after sports and transition. Our mission is to create the most trusted space to explore life after sports and see the journeys of all athletes represented.

There’s life after sports. There’s another side to athletes. We give you a chance to explore them.